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Implants All-on-Six


The technique of the all-on-six implant is a surgical procedure that allows the realization of a single session or within 24 hours (depending on the case report submitted) a fixed prosthesis anchored on 6 dental implants.

The stages of the intervention

      • Extraction of the elements present:
        The patient is subjected to the extraction of the elements present.
      • Implant placement:
        The professional arming of 6 plants, 3 for each emiarcata left and right.
      • Application prosthesis:
        Application of the temporary prosthesis anchored to 6 dental  implants. The hearing will be before a type of party and within 3-4 months will be replaced with a permanent prosthesis.

The advantages of the procedure

      • Cost reduction for a few sessions necessary for the intervention
        (anchored prosthesis in one day)
      • Patients who have business needs that can not remain without dental elements for too long. The load is immediate in the day or over 24 hours
      • Patients who do not want dentures
      • Patients with prosthetic existing furniture who want to apply a fixed
      • Patients with toothing remaining in a final state that require a total rehabilitation
      • People are very sensitive to the shape and the stress that can lead to a visit with the dentist