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Implant without surgery – transmucosal


The methodology of the transmucosal implant technique is definitely one of the surgical techniques in the oral area most appreciated by the patient.

Unlike the traditional methodology where the dentist was a real surgical cut to allow then the grafting of the plants in the mandibular and / or maxillary.

The most important benefits:

      • The absence of the cut. The implant is inserted into the bone without opening the gingival flap and then without creating cutting of the gingiva.
      • The important advantage is that the bone is not exposed outside.
      • Tissue healing defendants in the intervention are much faster.
      • Is limited in the case of reduction and resorption of bone tissue much more frequent in the traditional technique.
      • Reduced use of drugs in the pre-and post-operative.
      • Minor anesthesia.
      • No use of the scalpel.
      • No stitches.
      • Minor sanguinamento.
      • Time limited intervention.
      • Less time to detect footprint.
      • Easier to create temporary teeth.
      • Lower cost of the intervention.
      • No hematoma.
      • Minimal or no swelling.
      • Reduced post-operative pain.
      • Low risk of post-operative infections.
      • Ability to eat solid foods right away.

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