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Immediate Load Implantology

The Impladent, your Dental Implant Clinic Abroad, using the technique of immediate loading that allows you to dock a temporary prosthesis fixed to a few hours after surgery implant.

After surgery when necessary and extractive implant insertion, will be charged a fixed provisional prosthesis: a device of fundamental importance, personalized and balanced, which will be used for the entire period of treatment before the construction of the final fixed prosthesis. In a few hours the smile of our patients return to beautiful and functional.

After about three to four months from the date of the intervention , or time required osseointegration of dental implants, will be applied to the final prosthesis fixed with crowns or material agreed in advance and you will return to having a beautiful and natural smile for a long time. After application of the final restoration will be fixed simply follow the rules for proper oral hygiene , just as you do for your natural teeth.

The main stages of the procedure to implant immediate loading

1. FIRST PHASE: extraction elements and reclamation of the area prior oral.

2. SECOND PHASE: grafting of dental implants usually 4-6 or 8.

3. STEP THREE: application in a few hours of the temporary restoration (held by the patient for 3-4 months after surgery).

4. STEP FOUR: provisional prosthesis removal and application of final restoration.

The immediate load implant is a procedure practiced by professionals IMPLADENT CLINIC daily.

Immediate loading, remember, that can be practiced as a technique with very high percentages more than 90% of cases appear to be suitable for the procedure.