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Therme Bucharest, Romania
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To receive personalized information relating to Dental Care in Romania, you can scan your Panoramic Radiography, a photographic resolution in jpeg format, and send via e-mail.

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The flight from UK to Bucharest takes about 2,30 hours and cost about 150.00 pounds / return, varies according to time with which a booking is made. Check the airlines websites.

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For your stay in Bucharest will offer you the chance to stay in downtown city, near our Clinic, in one elegant 3 star hotel, StilSuitesResidence,

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About Us

The practice is centred around our patients. Excellence in treatment is combined with excellence in service.

We provide beautiful cosmetic dentistry along with life changing Implant dentistry at affordable costs for people from all walks of life.
We believe in tailoring your dental needs specifically suited to you and offer the latest technology,
ultimate comfort, detailed advice and education to help you make the best choices possible.
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  • Save up to 70%

    As dental treatment is rather costly in the UK, more and more patients try to find less expensive places. We are the solution!

  • Guarantee 100%

    Only a dental clinic that works to the highest standards can offer these generous guarantee terms.

  • Experience

    Our dental specialists have completed thousands of implant treatments successfully.

  • Simple & Easy

    Our doctors and medical staff are professional, friendly and speak fluent English.

A total Treatment Plan value of more than £3000, your Flight Ticket will be reimbursed up to a maximum value of £200!

All Age Dentist Abroad

Advantage of immediate loading of dental implants

  1. It is a recommended and innovative technique with cosmetic, functional and biological advantages.
  2. Same day implants principal advantage lies in the reduction or elimination of waiting time between the insertion of the dental implants and the insertion of the prostheses.
  3. This  same day dental implant technique benefits and satisfies our patients who obtain their teeth in one day.
  4. Immediate load implants also represents a great improvement in osseointegration (once the implants take hold and control the pressures conveyed to the implants during osseointegration) compared to provisional removable prostheses which apply uncontrolled pressures and are prejudicial to osseointegration.

impianti dentali romania

ImplaDent – 100% FREE Dental Plan!

In Impladent Dental Clinic we would love to design your dreamed smile. We are a specialized dental implant abroad center and perform a minimally aesthetics invasive dentistry at affordable prices to solve the problems that affect mouth and teeth.

All our dental team in Bucharest are english speaking and specialized in aesthetics and immediate load dental implants that allows patients to have implants and teeth in same day.

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Reservation Center: 0040.21.310.91.31

In ImplaDent you can ask for a no charge consultation were you can discuss your case and all treatment options in a 30 minute uninterrupted appointment to meet with the dentist in Bucharest. We consider that a no cost consultation is necessary to help our patients to make a decision about going forward with the needed treatment.

In this consultation we will explain by informing to you what is the various treatment options and we will provide a quick clinical overview on similar cases. What will that treatment do for you, how long will it take and how much will it cost.

What others say about us

Amanda Griffiths

Thank you for all the help you have given me in preparing my stay in Bucharest and during this visit itself. It was nice to be together for all the efforts. I also enjoyed the competence of the team of dentists in Romania and the kindness of various people encountered.

Amanda GriffithsBognor, UK
Wayne Dorling

Just a line to say how impressed I am with the treatment at the clinic. From start to finish it was totally professional. I know I voiced my doubts before I left for Romania and I am pleased to say that they were totally unfounded.

Wayne DorlingHastings, UK
Carole Symonds

I just wanted to say that I am very pleased with treatment I received. I have had many admiring comments about my teeth, and my husband is considering coming for treatment in the future. Thank you!! My problem would have been ignored in the UK by the National Health, simply because of the cost.

Carole SymondsTadworth, UK
Bill Wells

When I made the decision to have dental work I immediately went to great lengths in my research. I will always go to these lengths when faced with a life changing decision…

Bill WellsDagenham, UK

Send us an e-mail request for treatment, including a digital copy of your panoramic x-ray and you will receive a free treatment proposal in the next three days!